nCube : Detailed 1881 occupational statistics, by gender

nCubes hold all the statistics presented by the Vision of Britain system, and are defined as combinations of variables. For example, the age-sex tables that appear in most census reports are held as two-dimensional nCubes in which one dimension is a variable categorising sex and the other variable defines a set of age groups. nCubes can have many dimensions, such as age by sex by occupation by cause of death, or just one.

Detailed 1881 occupational statistics, by gender
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The published reports of the 1881 census provide occupational statistics only for counties and a small number of selected Sanitary Districts covering the largest towns. However, with the assistance of Essex University and the work of innumerable local historians coordinated by the Genealogical Society of Utah, we present here statistics created for us from the listings of individual people in the census enumerators' books, using the same detailed occupational classification as was used in the published reports. These data are available for parishes and for Registration sub-Districts.

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T_IND Industry

Datasets or nCubes, containing the actual data:

Entity ID Entity Name
N_OCC_ORDER1881 Occupation data classified into the 24 1881 'Orders', plus sex

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U_WORKERS All Workers

nCube " Detailed 1881 occupational statistics, by gender " contains:

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V_OCC_RAW1881 1881 Occupational Titles

Detailed 1881 occupational statistics, by gender: Data map listing

Each of our datasets, or nCubes, combines one or more variables (Var) each of which consists of a set of categories. The data map lists all the possible combinations of categories. The cell references are the identifiers held in our main table of statistics, recording what each number measures.

Cell Reference Var Category Value
OCC_RAW1881:male/1 1 Male
2 Peer, M.P., Privy Councillor (not otherwise described)
OCC_RAW1881:male/2 1 Male
2 Civil Service (officers & clerks)
OCC_RAW1881:male/3 1 Male
2 Civil Service (messengers, &c.)
OCC_RAW1881:male/4 1 Male
2 Prison Service, &c.
OCC_RAW1881:male/5 1 Male
2 Police
OCC_RAW1881:male/6 1 Male
2 Municipal, Parish, Union, District, Officer
OCC_RAW1881:male/7 1 Male
2 Other Local or County Official
OCC_RAW1881:male/8 1 Male
2 East Indian & Colonial Service
OCC_RAW1881:male/9 1 Male
2 Army Officer (effective/retired)
OCC_RAW1881:male/10 1 Male
2 Soldier & Non-commissioned officer
OCC_RAW1881:male/11 1 Male
2 Militia, Yeomanry, Volunteers
OCC_RAW1881:male/12 1 Male
2 Army Pensioner
OCC_RAW1881:male/13 1 Male
2 Navy Officer (effective/retired)
OCC_RAW1881:male/14 1 Male
2 Seaman, R.N.
OCC_RAW1881:male/15 1 Male
2 Royal Marines (officers/men)
OCC_RAW1881:male/16 1 Male
2 Navy Pensioner
OCC_RAW1881:male/17 1 Male
2 Clergymen (Established Church)
OCC_RAW1881:male/18 1 Male
2 Roman Catholic Priest
OCC_RAW1881:male/19 1 Male
2 Minister, Priest of other religious bodies
OCC_RAW1881:male/20 1 Male
2 Missionary, Scripture Reader, Itinerant preacher
OCC_RAW1881:male/21 1 Male
2 Nun, Sister of Charity
OCC_RAW1881:male/22 1 Male
2 Theological Student
OCC_RAW1881:male/23 1 Male
2 Church, chapel, cemetery - officer, servant
OCC_RAW1881:male/24 1 Male
2 Barrister, Solicitor
OCC_RAW1881:male/25 1 Male
2 Law Student
OCC_RAW1881:male/26 1 Male
2 Law Clerk, & others connected with the law
OCC_RAW1881:male/27 1 Male
2 Physician, Surgeon, General Practitioner
OCC_RAW1881:male/28 1 Male
2 Dentist
OCC_RAW1881:male/29 1 Male
2 Medical Student, Assistant
OCC_RAW1881:male/30 1 Male
2 Midwife
OCC_RAW1881:male/31 1 Male
2 Subordinate Medical Service
OCC_RAW1881:male/32 1 Male
2 Schoolmaster
OCC_RAW1881:male/33 1 Male
2 Teacher, Professor, Lecturer
OCC_RAW1881:male/34 1 Male
2 School Service, & others connected with teaching
OCC_RAW1881:male/35 1 Male
2 Author, Editor, Journalist
OCC_RAW1881:male/36 1 Male
2 Reporter, Short-hand Writer
OCC_RAW1881:male/37 1 Male
2 [Student]
OCC_RAW1881:male/38 1 Male
2 Persons engaged in Scientific Pursuits
OCC_RAW1881:male/39 1 Male
2 Literary, Scientific, Institution, Service, &c.
OCC_RAW1881:male/40 1 Male
2 Civil Engineer
OCC_RAW1881:male/41 1 Male
2 Mining Engineer
OCC_RAW1881:male/42 1 Male
2 Land, House, Ship, Surveyor
OCC_RAW1881:male/43 1 Male
2 Painter (artist)
OCC_RAW1881:male/44 1 Male
2 Engraver (artist)
OCC_RAW1881:male/45 1 Male
2 Sculptor
OCC_RAW1881:male/46 1 Male
2 Architect
OCC_RAW1881:male/47 1 Male
2 Musician, Music Master
OCC_RAW1881:male/48 1 Male
2 Art Student
OCC_RAW1881:male/49 1 Male
2 Photographer
OCC_RAW1881:male/50 1 Male
2 Actor
OCC_RAW1881:male/51 1 Male
2 Art, Music, Theatre Service
OCC_RAW1881:male/52 1 Male
2 Performer, Showman, Exhibition, Service
OCC_RAW1881:male/53 1 Male
2 Billiard, Cricket & other Games, Service
OCC_RAW1881:male/54 1 Male
2 Domestic Coachman, Groom
OCC_RAW1881:male/55 1 Male
2 Domestic Gardener
OCC_RAW1881:male/56 1 Male
2 Domestic Indoor Servant
OCC_RAW1881:male/57 1 Male
2 Lodge, Gate, Park Keeper (not Government)
OCC_RAW1881:male/58 1 Male
2 Inn, Hotel Servant
OCC_RAW1881:male/59 1 Male
2 College, Club Service
OCC_RAW1881:male/60 1 Male
2 Office Keeper (not Government)
OCC_RAW1881:male/61 1 Male
2 Cook (not domestic)
OCC_RAW1881:male/62 1 Male
2 Charwoman
OCC_RAW1881:male/63 1 Male
2 Washing & Bathing Service
OCC_RAW1881:male/64 1 Male
2 Hospital & Institution Service
OCC_RAW1881:male/65 1 Male
2 Others engaged in Service
OCC_RAW1881:male/66 1 Male
2 Merchant
OCC_RAW1881:male/67 1 Male
2 Broker, Agent, Factor
OCC_RAW1881:male/68 1 Male
2 Auctioneer, Appraiser, Valuer, House Agent
OCC_RAW1881:male/69 1 Male
2 Accountant
OCC_RAW1881:male/70 1 Male
2 Salesman, Buyer (not otherwise specified)
OCC_RAW1881:male/71 1 Male
2 Commercial Traveller
OCC_RAW1881:male/72 1 Male
2 Commercial Clerk
OCC_RAW1881:male/73 1 Male
2 Officer of Commercial Company, Guild, Society &c.
OCC_RAW1881:male/74 1 Male
2 Banker
OCC_RAW1881:male/75 1 Male
2 Bank Service
OCC_RAW1881:male/76 1 Male
2 Bill Discounter, Bill Broker, Finance Agent
OCC_RAW1881:male/77 1 Male
2 Life, House, Ship &c., Insurance Service
OCC_RAW1881:male/78 1 Male
2 Railway Engine Driver, Stoker
OCC_RAW1881:male/79 1 Male
2 Railway Guard
OCC_RAW1881:male/80 1 Male
2 Pointsman, Level Crossing Man

This nCube contains 834 cells but only the first 80 have been listed