Universe : Persons registered to vote

Universes define the total number covered by a given nCube, such as the total population of an area or the total number of occupied males aged 16 and over.

Persons registered to vote
Universe (U)
This is defined as the total number of persons registered to vote, as distinct from the number meeting the requirements of the franchise. NB for significant periods the rules on qualification to vote were complex and often challenged, so computing the number of people entitled to vote but not registered is problematic.

Universe " Persons registered to vote " is contained within:

Measurement Units, defining what was being counted:

Entity ID Entity Name

Universe " Persons registered to vote " contains:

Datasets or nCubes, containing the actual data :

Entity ID Entity Name
N_ELECTORATE_TOT Total Electorate
N_VOTERS_TOT Persons Voting or Not Voting
N_ELECTION_QUOTA Quota required under STV Voting