nCube : Percentage Unemployed by Category of the Insured (Adjusted)

nCubes hold all the statistics presented by the Vision of Britain system, and are defined as combinations of variables. For example, the age-sex tables that appear in most census reports are held as two-dimensional nCubes in which one dimension is a variable categorising sex and the other variable defines a set of age groups. nCubes can have many dimensions, such as age by sex by occupation by cause of death, or just one.

Percentage Unemployed by Category of the Insured (Adjusted)
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The Ministry of Labour's inter-war Local Unemployment Index mainly reported rates of unemployment, as percentages, and these are presented here. The reports do list the total number of persons insured, enabling the actual number of the unemployed to be calculated, but they do not break down the number of insured people by sex and age, so these rates are the only information we have. Note that between 1927 and 1936 the LUI was known to be imprecise because the count of the unemployed included (a) workers insured under the Agricultural Scheme, (b) workers aged between 14 and 16 and (c) workers aged 65 and over, while the count of insured workers used as a divisor in calculating the unemployment rate did not. In January 1937 a 'New Series' of the LUI was begun in which the number recorded as unemployed excluded the above categories. All reports included figures for change in the total percentage unemployed over the preceding twelve months, and those given in the 1937 reports are based on an adjusted figure for the previous year; it is therefore possible for 1936 to compare the rates originally published with corrected rates for the same places and dates. The figures held here have been adjusted by a procedure developed by David Gilbert, now of Royal Holloway, University of London:.

nCube " Percentage Unemployed by Category of the Insured (Adjusted) " is contained within:

Themes, which organise the database into broad topics:

Entity ID Entity Name
T_WK Work and Poverty

Universes, definining what the values in datasets add up to:

Entity ID Entity Name
U_INSURED_UNEM All persons covered by unemployment insurance

nCube " Percentage Unemployed by Category of the Insured (Adjusted) " contains:

Variables, defining what data was gathered for :

Entity ID Entity Name
V_NAT_INS_AGESEX Categories of Persons within National Insurance

Percentage Unemployed by Category of the Insured (Adjusted): Data map listing

Each of our datasets, or nCubes, combines one or more variables (Var) each of which consists of a set of categories. The data map lists all the possible combinations of categories. The cell references are the identifiers held in our main table of statistics, recording what each number measures.

Cell Reference Var Category Value
ADJ_LUI_UNEM_PERCENT:juveniles 1 Juveniles
ADJ_LUI_UNEM_PERCENT:total 1 Total for all insured