Theme : Agriculture & Land Use

Themes are used in the Vision of Britain system to organise all our statistical data into a small number of broad categories, often identified by icons on the web site.

Agriculture & Land Use
Theme (T)
This aspect of the Vision of Britain system presents data from two kinds of source: Agricultural Censuses, which gathered data on the kinds of crops planted and animals raised, usually from farmers; and Land Use Mapping, which actually surveyed land use, field by field. Work on this theme has been funded by DEFRA, the Environment Agency and the Frederick Soddy Trust. Our most detailed information on land use is, in fact, the complete set of the maps published by the Land Utilisation Survey of Great Britain, included in our 'Historical Mapping' section.

Theme " Agriculture & Land Use " is contained within:

The Database, which everything else is contained within:

Entity ID Entity Name
DB VoB Database

Theme " Agriculture & Land Use " contains:

Rates, for mapping and for comparing areas :

Entity ID Entity Name
R_LAND_BUILD Land occupied by Buildings
R_LUSGB_unprod Land Agriculturally Unproductive
R_LUSGB_arable Percentage Arable (Land Utilisation Survey)
R_AGCEN_arable Percentage Arable (Farm Census)
R_ORCHARD Orchards as a percentage of total area
R_WHEAT Wheat Farming
R_POTATO Potato Farming
R_OATS Oat Farming
R_CATTLE Cattle per Acre
R_SHEEP Sheep per Acre

Dataset Groups, bringing together related datasets :

Entity ID Entity Name
NG_AGCEN_GRASS Agricultural Census Statistics for Grassland & Rough Grazing
NG_AGCEN_CROP Agricultural Census Crop Statistics
NG_AGCEN_ANIMALS Agricultural Census Farm Animal Statistics
NG_AGCEN_HOLDINGS Agricultural Census Statistics on Land Holdings
NG_AGCEN_WORKERS Agricultural Census Farm Worker Statistics

Datasets or nCubes, containing the actual data :

Entity ID Entity Name
N_AGCEN_AREA_A Total areas of reporting units
N_LAND2001 Land Use Statistics for 2001
N_LAND2001_TOT Total area, in hectares
N_LAND2001_SIMP Simplified Land Use Statistics for 2001
N_LUSGB Land Utilisation in the 1930s (LUSGB data)
N_LUSGB_TOT Total area, in acres
N_LUSGB_FARM Farmland Use, as reported by the Land Utilisation Survey
N_AGCEN_LAND Basic land use categories, as reported by the Agricultural Census
N_AGCEN_FARM Farmland Use, as reported by the Agricultural Census
N_CROP_GEN Generalised Crop Acreages
N_CROP1801 1801 Crop Acreages
N_CROP1801_TOTAL 1801 Crop Return Total Acreage
N_AGCEN_VEG_S_1961 Acreages of different vegetable, as reported by the 1961 Scottish Farm Census
N_AGCEN_SMFRUIT_S_1961 Acreages of different small fruit, as reported by the 1961 Scottish Farm Census

Variable Groups, bringing together related variables :

Entity ID Entity Name
VG_LAND Land Use
VG_GRASS Grassland

Variables, defining what data was gathered for :

Entity ID Entity Name
V_AGCEN_VEG_S_1961 Scottish Farm Census Vegetable Categories for 1961
V_AGCEN_SMFRUIT_S_1961 Scottish Farm Census Small Fruit Categories for 1961
V_AGCEN_TENURE Agricultural Census Tenure-type Categories for 1891