Universe : Adult Males

Universes define the total number covered by a given nCube, such as the total population of an area or the total number of occupied males aged 16 and over.

Adult Males
Universe (U)
This universe includes the elderly but excludes some younger age groups at which many were working. For example, the 1831 and 1841 censuses distinguish those aged under and over 20.

Universe " Adult Males " is contained within:

Measurement Units, defining what was being counted:

Entity ID Entity Name

Universe " Adult Males " contains:

Datasets or nCubes, containing the actual data :

Entity ID Entity Name
N_OCC_PAR1831 Males aged 20 and over, in 9 occupational categories
N_OCC_PAR1831_TOT Total number of males aged 20 and over
N_OCC_PAR1831_SIMP Males aged 20 and over, in four industrial categories
N_SOC1831 Social Status, based on 1831 occupational statistics